Governor services

Your governing body plays a vital role in maintaining school performance.  A properly supported governning body provides strategic leadership and accountability in schools, working with the headteacher to take tough decisions on how best to balance resources and address the many demands on the school budget.

The range of services provided includes:

Governor support and development programme

  • Unlimited access to a range of courses to help governors improve their effectiveness

  • Information on training and recent educational developments

  • Governing body-based development and briefing sessions

  • Access to e-learning resources for busy governors (in partnership with the NGA).

The London Borough of Barnet Governor support and development programme is core to good school governance in Barnet.  With advice and training provided on a wide range of topics and for governors at any stage of their own development, this low-cost subscription is intended to ensure schools can support governors in their leadership role.


Governor Advice Officer (GAO)

Barnet’s Governance Advice Officer (GAO) Service package can provide peace of mind to your Governing Board. Our experienced GAOs understand governance and are knowledgeable about governance structures - whether your school is an Academy, Free School or is Local Authority Maintained - and can support you in being legally compliant and strategically effective in this constantly-changing education and economic landscape.

The full GAO service includes:

  • strategic oversight and support on governance issues throughout the year through the termly GAO newsletter and supporting materials for you, your headteacher, and your governors

  • termly GAO briefing for you, your headteacher and your governors

  • advice and support for your Clerk from a GAO including a one-to-one training session

  • termly briefing for your Clerk

  • toolkits to support your Clerk in running governor elections

  • advice and assistance on governor election procedures, documentation, membership eligibility and on disqualification procedures and documentation

  • useful documents such as statutory policy review timetable and scheme of delegation

  • advice on constitutional matters in relation to your Instrument of Government or articles and memorandum

  • advice and liaison with the council on local authority appointments

  • advice on the role of the clerk and governors

  • enhanced feedback on your Governance Self-evaluation Audit

  • annual strategic planning meeting with your GAO and key members of your Governing Board.

For more information contact


George Peradigou

Governance Advise Officer

020 8359 7625

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